Underwriting, Funding & Closing
Today, many lenders submit loan applications to computer-automated underwriting systems. TLC has the same ability. However, one of the advantages at TLC is that we give our branch managers and mortgage loan officers direct access to our web based loan origination systems that include real time underwriting and loan level pricing. This system, known as PULSE (Pricing Underwriting and Loan Submission Engine), provides our sales forces with fast answers and flexible solutions. Our technology ensures that you and your sales team always have a pulse on your pipeline 24/7/365.

Seasoned, Knowledgeable Operations Professionals
•    Our underwriting, funding, and closing employees have been with TLC on average 10 years.
•    Exclusively responsible for underwriting, closing and funding loans.
•    Committed to providing 24-48 hour underwriting approvals.
•    Underwriter Deal Desk to answer all your scenario questions.
•    FHA/VA Manual Underwriting available.

As a mortgage lender, we have the flexibility to have one of our in-house underwriters examine your situation to determine the available options to make that loan, if possible. If a loan is declined, a TLC Loan Committee will review the loan decision to ensure that it is a fair and accurate loan decision, and that we have left no other options untried that might lead to a loan approval. Another benefit to having underwriting, closing and funding in-house is that it eliminates the overhead and bureaucracy that can burden larger institutions.

As a branch and/or loan officer for TLC, you are kept in communication with and have access to our team of experienced underwriters, funders and closers who treat your loans and customers as their very own. That means every one of your homebuyers’ documents and needs receive the highest level of attention.  You’ll benefit with fast responses, clear communications, and fast turn times that will impress not only your customers but also your mortgage and Realtor partners.

In addition to your borrowers receiving world-class customer service, so do you. To facilitate any questions or loan scenario related questions, our Deal Desk hotline is manned by our team of vastly knowledgeable mortgage experts. Ask a question and get a fast response that you can trust.